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The future of STEAM ​start here...

Unlock your child's potential with STEAMHouse’s innovative STEAM programs. ​Join us on a journey of discovery and innovation that will inspire a lifelong ​love for learning.


Unlock your ​child’s potential

At STEAMHouse, we believe that every child has the potential to ​become a trailblazer, a problem-solver, and a changemaker. Rooted ​in the vibrant culture of Jamaica, our mission is to inspire, educate, ​and empower the next generation through the transformative power ​of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

We are dedicated to providing immersive learning experiences that ​ignite curiosity, foster critical thinking, and cultivate creativity. Our ​programs are designed to bridge the gap between education and ​opportunity, equipping learners with the skills and confidence to ​thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Rooted in the vibrant culture of Jamaica

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Inspiring the next generation through STEAM

Experience the Difference

From hands-on experiments to cutting-edge technology, our programs engage and challenge learners of all ages. Discover the joy of learning ​with our dynamic approach to education.

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Put your skills to the test and engage in ​exciting hackathons, where you'll collaborate ​with peers, solve real-world challenges, and ​develop innovative solutions.


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Coding and ​Robotics

Unlock the world of technology through our ​engaging coding and robotics classes. Learn ​programming languages, build robots, and ​explore cutting-edge fields like AI and ​automation.

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STEM Outreach

We're committed to making STEAM ​education accessible to all. Our STEM ​outreach initiatives bring hands-on learning ​experiences to underserved communities.

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CXC Computer Science ​and IT Classes

Prepare for academic success with our CXC ​Computer Science and IT classes, led by ​experienced instructors and tailored to the ​Caribbean curriculum.

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Digital Literacy ​Programs

Gain essential digital skills and stay ahead in ​the ever-evolving tech landscape with our ​comprehensive digital literacy programs.


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After-School ​Programs

Complement your child's formal education ​with our engaging after-school programs, ​designed to foster a love for STEAM subjects ​in a fun and interactive environment.

Are YOU ready to invest in the future of Jamaica?

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Expand STEAM education access, foster innovation and problem-solving, nurturing ​future leaders and changemakers.

Become a PARTNER in Future-Ready Education.

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STEAMHouse in the News

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Wednesday | October 27, 2021

Volume 101


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Monday | July 11, 2022

Volume 102

Girls inspired to pursue ​careers in ICT

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Monday | February 28, 2022

Volume 103

us embassy teams up to ​launch free steam club

Our Impact

Since 2020, STEAMHouse has proudly collaborated with ​foundations, non-profits, and schools across Jamaica to bring ​STEAM education to communities in need. Our partnerships ​enable us to reach and inspire more students, fostering a ​love for learning and creating pathways to success.


Increase in interest in ​pursuing STEM-related jobs


students empowered ​through STEAM programs

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What our partners say...

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I was very satisfied with the ​work of STEAMHouse. Their ​programme perfectly aligned ​with our educational objective ​of incorporating digital skills ​into our curriculum.


Principal, Bethabara Primary School

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The programme was very ​good and [I] would love to see ​it being offered on a wider ​scale because the children ​were very excited.

Alex Hepburn

Principal, Mona Heights Primary School

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The MakeryaAd by ​STEAMHouse was the most ​exciting part of the National ​Children's Summit for ​children. From coding robots, 3​D printing their own designs, ​and getting into all kinds of ​fun STEAM activities."


Child Protection & Family Services Agency

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What are the major typ​es of ​software?


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Get personalized learning for your unique child.

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